how to fit golf into your fitness regimen

How Golf Can Become Part of Your Fitness Regimen

You’ve been telling yourself for ages that you need a regular exercise regime. So what should you do — a little walking, or maybe some strength training? How about a regular game of golf? Wait, that can’t be right! You might not think that golfing could be a viable part of your exercise regime, but…


golf equipment for beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Equipment

Taking up golf can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but given the sport’s inherent difficulty and traditions, it can also seem a bit daunting. There’s so much to learn before you play – like what are all the different clubs for? Relax. Quail Hollow has a great course where you can learn the ropes…


Special Events at Quail

More Than Golf: Host Special Events at Quail Hollow

Hosting an event can be a pain in the neck. Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate meeting, there are always a thousand little details to keep track of, from the planning beforehand to the cleanup after. Although everyone else is having a good time, the hosts hardly get a chance to enjoy the…