Get Out of the Sand

Get Out of the Sand With These 3 Golfing Tips

You’re surveying the fairway or the green, figuring out how to avoid the bunker on either or both sides. You step up to the ball, try a few practice swings, take your shot, and — drat! The ball lands in the dreaded bunker, even though you took all the precautions to avoid it. However, all is…


Business golfing and Deals Over Golf

Business Golfing 101: How to Close a Deal on the Golf Course

Every successful business owner knows not every deal happens in the office or over the phone. In Wesley Chapel, Florida, the golf course is the ideal setting for both networking and doing business. If you’ve never balanced work with active pursuits, however, conducting business might not come naturally on the green. From keeping it clean…


Wesley Chapel vendor meeting

Planning Your Vendor Meeting at Quail Hollow

Meeting with vendors can be a tedious process. Planning the meetings can be an even more tedious task, especially if you’ve never done it before — unless we’re talking about a vendor meeting in Wesley Chapel, FL at Quail Hollow. But choosing the right venue can make all the difference. Quail Hollow can help you…